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We create programs based on global development and training platforms that provide unique transformational learning, which works towards transforming the participant's mental and emotional blueprint. We work on a model of transformative learning. Unlike knowledge-based learning, which increases what people know and adds to their skills by bringing new knowledge to their existing view, transformative learning provides a new awareness of the basic structures in which people know, think, and act, thereby making them more effective in dealing with the world. That awareness brings a fundamental shift that leaves people more powerful with regards to what they can create for themselves and for others. This shift is the single most powerful attribute of our breakthrough methodology. Participants are able to think and act beyond existing views and limits—in their personal and professional lives, relationships, and in the world at large. We work towards enabling you to apply what you have learnt as a new self - naturally. This is very similar to when you learn how to walk after crawling for a few months; you suddenly find a balance and then onwards keep walking for the rest of your life – effortlessly. Through our methodology, you learn by your own personal discovery (during the program) —a moment occurs when a new ability is yours. This new ability becomes a part of you and that becomes a new way of life forever. We are committed to providing a transformation which is not a one-time event, but one which provides access to living an extraordinary life forever.

Our Endeavor

Sometimes, all one needs to transform is a little illumination, a few ideas fused with the latest technologies and a fertile mind. This is exactly what we are all about – a little illumination. Our purpose is to help promote the importance of and conduct workshops on developing "Life Skills" in kids, young people and adults.

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I was aware of this Program But Didn't Really Know Its Potential, I must say I am Completely Shocked by the Transformation in My Child.

Mrs Mane



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