From book smart to street smart, vibrant painting to touching poetry, a child show streaks of smartness in varied ways. Intelligence is the general ability to process information, which promotes learning, understanding, reasoning and problem solving. Since every child is unique, there are a few vital aspects that affect and impact your child’s intelligence.

Feed the brain

Eating healthier for smarter brains begins as early as in womb, and continues with breastfeeding. When your child moves to whole foods, the real trick lies in teaching them to like good foods, fruits and veggies. Additionally, vital meals like breakfast can help boost your child intelligence.

Build mental muscle

Just like physical muscles, even brain’s muscles need regular ‘workouts’. Read something together every day or encourage your child to play a musical instrument or passionately pursue a hobby. Spending enriching time with your child has a greater impact on the parent-child bonding as well as your child’s mental growth. Children, who are brought up in homes where members discuss ideas, listen to music or read, are observed to be more confident and successful in schools.

Use it or lose it

Intelligence training is a lifelong pursuit with its foundation deeply rooted in childhood. Some skills learnt in early ages stay with your children for life. So training your child, rather child’s brain, in younger days is much more effective in boosting your child’s intelligence.

Identifying your child’s true potential at an early age can pave their path for an intelligent future. Brain Barn Edu offers Access to Success to children aged 5 to 14 years reveal their personality and thus, take steps to enhance their intelligence.

Access to Success combines the scientific study of fingerprints called Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis with a Whole Brain Development workshop, which activates the midbrain.

It helps your child in two vital ways:

  • It understands and guides your child, based on their inborn intelligences, learning styles and personality traits
  • It enhances their learning capacity multifold, with the use of several techniques

The lifelong benefits of Access to Success include:

  • Greater academic prowess
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Enhanced logical and creative abilities
  • Improved self confidence, IQ and EQ

Sow the seeds on intelligence in your child at a young age. Begin with a personality evaluation report of your child. Reach out to Brain Barn Education for a free sample.