Nurturing a well-behaved child is like walking the thin line between encouraging right behaviour and discouraging wrong behaviour. Shaping your child’s behaviour is not an easy task, yet it can be simplified if you follow a few points and most importantly keep your calm, throughout!

How to encourage right behavior?

Be a good model for your child

Children are great observers and not-so-good listeners,’ it is said! They pick clues and mannerisms on how to behave in the world, from you! So, use your own behaviour to guide your child on the right path.

Express your feelings

Make your child aware of what you feel when they behave right or wrong. At their age, they might not be able to imagine your perspective. Share your feelings with them and let them understand the outcomes of their actions.

 Reward your child

Appreciate your child for their good deeds – or lack of bad deeds. Praise their efforts for behaving in the way you like with warm and encouraging compliments.

 Listen to your child

Active listening is the most effective way of connecting with your child. In case, they are not able to express themselves, be patient and try to understand their point of view.

How to discourage bad behaviour?

Be firm

Often, kids feel that whining is an easy way to get things done their way. But by giving in when they’re whining, we train them to do it more. Be strong and let them know that a no is a no!

Keep your promises

If you follow through your promises, your child learns to trust and respect you. Also, transparency in your behaviour makes them feel secure and bonded to you.

Simplify your instructions

Keep your instructions clear to the core, with no space for misunderstanding. The more clear you are, the better for your child to know what exactly is expected of them.

A child’s behaviour is also dependent on their personality. It is observed that some children are better at following instructions, while others turn into rebels easily. It is important to know your child’s personality, to chalk-out ways to instil good behaviour in them. That’s why Brain Barn Education offers DMIA – a psychometric analysis based on the scientific study of fingerprints to give accurate understanding of your child’s personality.

Hold them responsible

Give your child a chance to experience the consequences of their bad behaviour. Giving more responsibility will allow them to learn independently and help them improve their behaviour as well!

Knowing your child’s personality 

Being with your child while they take their first steps into expressing their personality, will boost their trust in your actions. It will help them feel more confident about their actions and be responsible for them too! Reach out to Brain Barn Education for a free sample personality evaluation report of your child.